Rock Painting Simple craft with the kids

rock painting kidsCrafting with any age child can sometimes be met with a tiny little bit of ‘oh but the mess’, even for the most creative of parents. Sometimes it seems like it can take more time to tidy up afterwards than they spend creating their masterpiece. I’m all for letting children explore, create and get messy but sometimes when time is a bit limited (and I’m exhausted mummy) something simple and quick to clear up is just what’s needed. Recently we have been trying to take advantage of the lovely weather and be creative outdoors and rock painting is great for this.

Ideally Acrylic paint is a good choice because the paint is suitable for porous surfaces and is going to be resilient meeden acrylic paint markers amazonto the elements. You can use any acrylic paint. Usually you will find this in tubes however we discovered these brilliant Meeden Acrylic paint pens. The pens are easy to use with good flow of paint into the nib so even on the rocks bumpy surface painting is smooth with really good coverage. The colours are really vibrant and once painted they withstand the elements well.The simplicity of the pens is great and there isn’t the need for the multiple paint brushes, or the palates to put different colours on or the complaints about the colours getting all mixed up together either.

rock painting kids Rock painting is appealing to all ages and even the littler ones can get creative with a little supervision. One of the most exciting parts of Rock painting is hiding your creations for others to find and then re-hide again, essentially hide-and-seek rocks!

So, if you want to take advantage of the weather with a stroll to collect rocks, some simple crafting time followed by a game of hide-and-seek rocks within your community then this just might be the craft for you.


Here is a little video of one our creations using the Meeden Acrylic paint pens.