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Cosmetics Ideal for Little Hands

Lush Monsters and Aliens, Ickle robot bot, Rose Lollipop, wash behind your ears, Sugar Daddy-OWe are all familiar with the stage when our little ones want to do everything ‘all by themselves’ and the resulting frustration if they need even a little help. Often our homes are not ideally suited to small children, either things are too high for them to reach, too heavy or too big for their little hands. We aim to enable independence as much as possible, finding products that allow children to help themselves.

Learning to care for themselves is an important milestone for children however small little caps on bubble baths, shampoos or shower gels can be a little fiddly for little ones. Little hands can also find it a struggle to squeeze the contents out of bottles. Add in a pinch of tiredness at the end of a busy day and all of these things can be a source of frustration when they want to do every stage ‘by myself’.

Thankfully we found a few products perfect for the job at Lush.  The products are all handmade using fresh ingredients. Bright, colourful and wonderfully fragrant Lush products will certainly appeal to the younger members of the household.

Here are a few of our choices;

Ickle Baby Bath Bot Lush ickle Robot Bot

With a blend of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood oil this bath bomb is perfect for a relaxing bath time before bed and is suitable for babies over 6 months old. This product is so simple for children to use, either drop the whole product into the water or easily break off small chunks and add to the bath.

Lush Wash Behind Your EarsWash Behind Your Ears

This shampoo bar is perfect for little hands. Easy to hold onto and all your little ones need to do is rub the bar over their wet hair. No fiddly little shampoo caps to negotiate, no pouring half the shampoo into the bath or shower and the bar lasts for about 80 washes too. The lemon oil and Alfalfa have a wonderful fresh smell. This shampoo bar is so appealing to children, bright yellow and looks like a little rabbit!


Sugar Daddy-O ConditionerLush Sugar Daddy-O Conditioner

This is another solid bar that again is easy for little ones to hold onto and gently rub into their own hair without much assistance. We found it was brilliant at de-tangling hair and making it a lot easier to brush!


Lush Rose Lollipop Lip BalmRose Lollipop Lip balm 

Our little ones just love lip balm. If we use lip balm, they absolutely want to have some too. More often than not they want to use it ‘by themselves’ and the little stick tube snaps in half. This product again is perfect. Like all LUSH products this smells divine, and really softens and moisturises the lips. A plus point for us, it’s in a little tub so no lip balm sticks breaking and snapping into bits.


Monsters and AliensLush Monsters and Aliens

This is where the fun really starts. This product can be used to rub across the body as a gel/soap to wash with and as a bubble bath. In a pack of three different colours it feels a bit like play dough. Children can mold this into shapes and build with it and have so much fun playing. When you purchase this product 10p goes towards children’s projects in Japan after the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster.

To maximise independence we used the Variera Box from IKEA. The box has two cut-out handles making it easy for little ones to pick up if needed. Placed on a little shelf or in an accessible drawer little ones can get to their cosmetics easily to encourage self care and independence.